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Hi, I'm Vaibhav Pandya. Welcome to my profile!

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"It is not the job of SEO to make pigs fly; it is the job of SEO to genetically re-engineer the site so that it is an eagle. If you strive to make pigs fly, it is deceptive. If you put real subject matter in an expert format and place the key words in the places that clearly identify that subject then you are enhancing the user experience and make the site actually more relevant.

The Code of Conduct should encourage SEO's to work in ways that do not disguise pigs or make pigs fly. The Code should promote content improvement and clarity." Specialties SEO Analysis for Search Engine Friendliness and Conversion Potential Keyword Research Link Building - Internal, external, High Google PR Backlinking SEO and SEM Consulting SEO and SEM Ranking Reports Natural/ Organic Rankings (SEO, SEM) Google, Yahoo & Google Search Engine Appliance Google AdSense Google Adwords Google webmaster tools Google SEO Google BETA Google Expert Google Marketing DMOZ Directory Submission

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Advertising, Branding, Internet Marketing, Social Media Optimisation, Search Engine Optimisation,

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